How Does Barcode Scanning System Work

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Barcode scanner system is different in each barcode scanner. It depends on the scanner’s brand and type. If you want to buy a barcode scanner, it is better for you to check the barcode scanner used in the device first.

The barcode scanner has the function to read and decode the data that is put in the barcode strips. The data then later is transferred to the computer. The strips in the barcode itself do not show the concrete data of the product. They only show the reference number of the product which then used to find the product’s description and other information like price, vendor name, the quantity on hand.

The barcode itself cannot be read by the computer. The barcode scanner system helps the computer system to read and decode the barcode strips. The scanner devices itself consist of a scanner, decoder, and cable that connects the decoder to the computer. To scans the symbol on the barcode and send it to the decoder is the job of the scanner. The next process is the decoding process by the decoder. The undecoded data then is transferred to the computer.

Wired Handheld USB Automatic Laser Barcode Scanner Reader with USB Cable

This barcode scanner can be your first scanner choice. The handheld shape makes it is comfortable to use. This device is equipped with the automatic barcode scanner system which makes you are able to scan the barcode strips easily. You can enjoy 100 scans per second.

It is very suitable for the supermarket or the retail market use since it has the USB cable which you can connect it to the computer. This barcode scanner has lightweight, only 140 gram so you do not need to get tired if you use this product barcode. For your hard environment, this device can show outstanding performance. The barcode scanner system can read the code11, code39, code93, code32, code128, coda Bar, and UPC-A.

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Laser Scanner, with USB Cable

The second choice of barcode scanner you can choose is Wls 9500-005 Laser Scanner, with USB Cable. This device has the barcode scanner system that can provide you the fast speed performance. You can use in the harsh environment since it has high durability. You can connect this scanner to your computer with the USB cable. This device is equipped with a barcode scanner system which lets you capture data fast without pausing between the scanning processes.

If you buy this device, you will get a 1-year warranty. This scanner has the plug and play set up to help you doing the intuitive scanning with its barcode scanner system. The handheld style makes you can scan comfortably.

Wireless CCD Barcode Scanner

This CCD barcode scanner is suitable for you who think that cable is uncomfortable or the cable can bring danger in the work environment. The wireless technology can help you to scan in the range up to 20 M or 65.5 feet. The barcode scanner system can help the speed of data entry. It also reduces errors and improves efficiency. This device is suitable for automatic processes like in the retail transactions.

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The barcode scanner system can read many symbols such as UPC, EAN, and GS1 Databar. This scanner is equipped with the barcode scanner system which can scan up to 270 scans per second. The black color makes it is not easy to get dirty.