RFID Deters Counterfeiters in Asia

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can be used in many applications, from asset management and inventory control to identification verification. In Asia, counterfeiters have a new arch enemy to contend with, RFID. BBSPL  has started using RFID to battle counterfeiters, to protect a resource in its agricultural industry.

Counterfeiters in Asia are synonymous with creating and selling illegal products, as an original. This has been an ongoing problem for years and financial loss to businesses, companies, and governments. RFID technology is being tapped to combat the illegal activity of the counterfeiting trade.

HF Inlays
HF Inlays

RFID Technology offers something no other identification can, and that is a unique identification (UID). RFID tags or labels are encoding during the manufacturing process with a UID on the chip. The identification on the chip is unique and never duplicated. The UID cannot be manipulated or changed on the chip, therefore making an RFID tag or label a secure and reliable form of identification.

RFID tags can then be encoded with additional information, in another section of the chip by the company using RFID readers to write to the tag. The RFID tags store valuable information for manufacturers and distributors such as Lot numbers, manufacturing dates or quality control ID, and so on.


In Malaysia, the agricultural industry is testing and will introduce an RFID solution as a deterrent to counterfeiters, to protect one of their valuable natural resources, the bird’s nest saliva.

The bird’s nest saliva is an ingredient for a soup made in China, which is considered a delicacy. The Malaysian government reports it is a 1.5 billion dollar (USD) industry, which in recent years has been plagued by counterfeiters in Asia. You can read more about this unique application and solution, as reported by the BBC here.

RFID tags can store information that can also be encrypted and or password protected, depending on the application. Contact us at The RFID Tag Store for more details on the many applications, where RFID can be used as an asset, in more ways than one.

Passive RFID tags are available in many forms for different applications, from hard tags and labels to metal mount tags, available in UHF (Ultra High Frequency), HF (High Frequency) and LF (Low Frequency).