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Warehouse is a storeroom that gets products and in the end disperses them to customers or different businesses. Management of Warehouse is the way toward organizing the process of receiving and put away, updating the inventory, sorting and picking of the material, and finally, transporting inventory items to its designated destinations. Accurate & efficient warehouse management is the key to make the supply chain feasible and profitable. It requires that at each and every step, accurate and precise data is captured.

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DCode Scanners change paper-based data capture and physical stock counting into Automatic information data capture(AIDC) and transmission. Because of the real time data transfer, you will have an increasingly connected and more astute warehouse while accessing data due to improved visibility into all uploaded data to accelerate turnaround times and streamline replenishment plans.

Warehouse Management

Supervisors and operators can easily identify the quantity and type of received products by scanning their 1D/2D barcodes Code devices. That data will be updated in warehouse's server automatically. In put-away, DCode data collector and PDAs help operators to scan the products and put them away easily.


Operators scan barcodes with DCode Scanners or data collectors to affirm that pallets and packages are being stacked on the correct vehicle. Fleet administrators can have an enhanced visibility into this shipping.