Real Time Wireless Data Transmission
Offline Barcode Scanner
Inventory Data Collector


  • 4 MB Flash Memory, can store up to 30,000 barcodes.
  •  433MHZ Wireless Communication technology, effective range up to 100 meters.
  • Offers omnidirectional reading of 1D/2D barcodes, including poor quality and mobile barcodes.
  •  Supports USB Charging for rechargeable NiMH Batteries
  •  Comes with built in Inventory Manager.

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About the data collector

Allows Wireless Transmission to the PC up to 100mts Operable in three modes:

  • Wireless Data Transmission real time
  • Offline Barcode Scanner
  • Inventory Data Collector


  • Six months standby time and 50-100 hours Continuous operating time
  • Scans and saves first, then transmits all collected data (up to 30,000 barcodes)
  • Support both online real-time barcode data transmission and offline barcode collection (collect and save on the terminal first), without distance limitation
  • User-friendly keyboard and backlight LCD screen for easy operation and menu browsing.
  • Allows hand input for damaged or blurred barcode
  • Saves up to 30,000 barcode data in offline working mode and autosave up to 200 barcode data in online wireless transmission working mode during temporary
    breakdown of wireless signal
  • Provide real-time data protection. No data will be lost when powering off the terminal. When the terminal is powered on, the LCD screen automatically resumes to the last display before last powering off


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